Roofing Guide: TPO vs PVC

In recent years, TPO roofing has been steadily gaining its share in the flat roofing market. Both commercial and residential customers are increasingly choosing TPO roofs because they are advertised as being similar to PVC in terms of the benefits and installation, but offering a more competitive price. While it is true that TPO and PVC are both single-ply membranes for low slope and flat roofs that have heat-welded seams and are considered “cool”, there are important differences that you need to be aware of before making your purchasing decision. The primary difference is that TPO has been on the… Read more »

TPO Roofing Prices (Materials and Installation)

In depth TPO Roofing Prices review for Materials and Installation + compare to costs of PVC and EPDM Rubber. Are you looking for a durable single ply membrane for your flat roof? Then you should consider a TPO (thermoplastic olefin) membrane, which is currently the fastest growing product on the single ply roofing market. While initially used primarily in commercial applications, TPO roofing’s durability, resistance to leaks, energy efficiency and competitive pricing have made it a popular choice for many homeowners. Here is up to date pricing on TPO materials and installation, as well as a cost comparison between TPO… Read more »

Waterproofing Your Roof Deck With a TPO Membrane: PROs, CONs and Costs

TPO membrane on a roof deck

While having a roof deck is a great way to increase living/entertaining space, one of the biggest issues that many homeowners experience is frequent leaks. Properly waterproofing a roof deck is often a challenge, because the materials used most frequently, either EPDM rubber, or a Tar/built-up material, do not offer solid protection against leaks. However, there is a much better, longer lasting alternative: a TPO roofing membrane. Its designed with hot air-welded seams, which makes it impervious to water infiltration. While a TPO membrane costs more than rubber, you get the benefit of enjoying a leak-free roof deck for years… Read more »

TPO Roofing For Your Home

White TPO Roof on a Modern House

If you are thinking of installing a TPO roofing membrane on your home, you need to carefully select your product manufacturer. You have probably seen things like 20 year Warranty or Lifetime Warranty on many manufacturer’s websites and thought – that sounds great! However, the reality is that because TPO is primarily installed on commercial and industrial buildings, very few manufacturers offer warranties for residential applications. Moreover, the ones that do, offer very limited warranties that will not give you much protection. Here is a list of TPO membrane manufacturers that offer a residential warranty, along with our summary of… Read more »

3 Best TPO Roofing Products For Your Home or Business

Are you interested in installing a TPO roof, but are not sure which product to choose? Because of TPO’s quickly growing popularity, in recent years many flat roof manufacturers have started their own lines of TPO to get a piece of the growing market share. With so many offerings, and marketing hype it may be hard to discern which product offers the best features. To help you, we have selected 3 of the BEST products from top manufacturers, who have a solid reputation for producing quality TPO roofs for many years. Each offers unique features and benefits that may be… Read more »

TPO Roof Recycling

In the US today, there is about 1,400 square miles of low-slope roofing in place ( an area larger than the state of Rhode Island) and almost 13 billion dollars is spent annually on reroofing, which makes disposal of the old membranes a big environmental issue. Among the three single-ply membranes, TPO just like PVC is 100% recyclable, while EPDM rubber is not. In the last few years, many TPO manufacturers have started programs to educate both roofing contractors and building owners about the benefits and the process of TPO recycling. Recycling TPO not only saves our environment by reducing… Read more »

Should You Install a TPO Roof in 2020?

Business and homeowners who are looking to replace their old roofs will have to balance between a number of factors, such as cost, expected service life, durability, and energy-efficiency when comparing different roofing products. This dilemma remains particularly stark in the flat roofing market, where the competition between PVC and TPO single ply membranes is going strong, with no clear winner in site. However, there are some important trends in the TPO roofing market that can help you figure out whether this is the right material for you. No Recent Updates or Revisions of ASTM Standards (very technical) One of… Read more »

Comparative history of TPO vs PVC in the US vs Europe

In the single ply roofing market in the US today the race is on between PVC and TPO thermoplastic roofing membranes. While PVC still has the upper hand and accounts for a significant portion of all residential and commercial single ply membrane installations, TPO is steadily gaining a faithful following and its share in the market continues to grow every year. Out of the two membranes, TPO is the newcomer to the US market, it was initially manufactured and installed in the European roofing market and only made its way into the US in the early 1990’s. By comparison, PVC… Read more »

Overview of MRCA Advisory on TPO Roofing

UPDATE: It has become increasingly difficult to find the MRCA T&R Committee TPO Advisory – in fact, MRCA has deleted it from their website (we believe this is due to pressure from big TPO manufacturers who do not want negative press). Here is the original of this document – MRCA TPO Advisory Original article: In the single ply roofing market, TPO roofing membranes are continuing to experience significant growth, competing for a share of the pie with both PVC and EPDM membranes. While TPO is newest of all three membranes, officially introduced into the US market in the early 1990’s,… Read more »

TPO Long-Term Performance Discussion at 61st MRCA Conference

For anyone interested in the state of TPO roofing, its future growth and expansion in residential and commercial roofing markets, it is important to know that TPO roofing is being actively discussed and evaluated by such reputable organizations as MRCA. In 2010, at the 61st Annual MRCA Conference, there was a very important presentation by the panel on “TPO Long-Term Performance”. This panel addressed to the best their ability and expertise some of the serious concerns that have been raised in the roofing industry regarding the longevity and durability of TPO roofing membranes and reported failures of the membranes under… Read more »