2023 Lowes Gutters Installation, Prices, Reviews

Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,650 - $9,500
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Lowes gutters are worth looking into if you need brand new gutter installation or replacement.

At Lowe’s, you’ll find different types of gutters and all the accessories you need to equip your home with a sturdy leak-proof shield.

How Much Do Lowe’s Gutters Cost?

Lowe’s offers a multitude of gutter elements, but as for the gutters themselves, there are only four products:

Amerimax Gutter Type Cost
4 x 120 Inch White Half-Round Vinyl Gutter $10.70
4.5 x 120 Inch White K-Style Vinyl Gutter $7.30
5 x 120 Inch K-Style Aluminum Gutter $13.30
6 x 120 Inch K-Style Aluminum Gutter $23.50

The average price of these Lowe’s gutters is between $7.30 and $23.50 per gutter, or 10 linear feet.

Lowes Gutter Cost By Material

Gutters come in various materials.

Your gutter material choice will heavily depend on your location, as the weather is one of the main adversaries your gutters will have to confront.

Other factors influencing your decision are obviously your preference for the style, color, and budget.

Cost by Material Cost per Gutter
Vinyl Gutters $7.30-$10.70
Aluminum Gutters $13.30-$23.50
Steel (Gutter Elements) $12.30

Lowes Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners living in regions with moderate rainfall.

And for good reason.

These PVC gutters are lightweight and, therefore, easy to handle and install, even if you’re not experienced in construction.

In addition, vinyl doesn’t rust and is usually scratch-resistant, making it impervious to sharp branches, animal claws, and the like.

Furthermore, vinyl gutters won’t cost you a lot upfront or over the years, considering that they’re low-maintenance and can easily be replaced if damaged.

The proof of their budget-friendliness is at Lowe’s, which sells them for $7.30 to $10.70 on average.

Lowe’s high-capacity and dent-proof vinyl gutters come in brown and white colors.

They can withstand temperatures from -40 to 150 degrees and won’t suffer damage from UV rays due to their UV stabilizers.

If that’s not enough, these vinyl gutters come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pro Tip: Many professional contractors don’t recommend vinyl gutters. The main reason is one of their pros in terms of installation—their weight. Vinyl can’t withstand heavy objects on top of it and might be the cause of your vinyl gutter disintegration. 

However, there are several ways to ensure your vinyl gutters have a long lifespan:

  • Choose thick and sturdy vinyl; the heavier, the better.
  • Ensure sufficient support to your vinyl gutters by placing gutter hangers exactly according to the manufacturer instructions and using appropriate fasteners.
  • Exercise regular maintenance and keep your gutters in top shape by checking for leaks and breaks.
  • Don’t lean ladders or hang heavy decorations on your vinyl gutters.
  • Employ gutter guards to keep your gutters clean and free of debris.

Lowes Aluminum Gutter

Another more budget-friendly option that you can find at Lowe’s is aluminum gutters.

These equally lightweight, easy-to-install, and rust-free gutters have everything vinyl gutters offer and more.

For one, aluminum gutters are more durable and can withstand far harsher temperatures than vinyl.

However, like vinyl, they aren’t the best at handling heavy weights, so avoid them in areas with a lot of snow and hail.

If your region experiences light snow and milder weather conditions, Lowe’s aluminum gutters, with an average price of $13.30 to $23.50 per 10 feet, are everything you need.

These USA-made gutters come in White, Hi-Gloss White, Natural Clay, Brown, and Musket Brown, and will surely complement your home regardless of which option you choose.

Other Gutter Materials

Steel Gutters

Lowe’s doesn’t offer steel gutters, but it does sell a galvanized steel gutter end with a downspout outlet, inside corner, and outside corner.

Lowe’s also sells these parts in aluminum and vinyl, so it’s worth reviewing steel as a gutter material to help you decide on these accessories.

Steel is a more durable metal option for gutters than aluminum.

Steel gutters won’t dent even under the heaviest pile of leaves or debris.

They can easily outperform and outlast both aluminum and vinyl gutters if installed and maintained properly.

However, as with other materials, you’ll find that steel also has flaws that can cause damage to your house over time.

Firstly, unless they’re stainless and coated in zinc, they can develop rust over time.

Other drawbacks are relatively difficult installation and cost.

For example, the average price of steel gutter accessories at Lowe’s is $12.30, while aluminum and vinyl options of the same products are all under $12 (except for one).

Copper Gutters

Copper is not available at Lowe’s in any form or style for gutters, but you can look into this option as well.

Gutters made of copper give your house the desired curb appeal and protection against rainwater damage to the walls.

They’re also extremely durable due to copper’s natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

The biggest downside to copper gutters is their price.

In addition, copper is difficult to work with, so you’ll probably need to budget for hiring professional contractors.

Lowes Gutter Cost By Style

There are three different styles of gutters available at home improvement stores.

Lowe’s sells only two of them: K-style and half-round gutters.

Lowes K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are characterized by a flat bottom and an angled edge that creates a crown shape.

They give your home a more elegant and traditional look that offer great curb appeal.

Not only that, but these gutters can hold more water than their half-round counterpart and, therefore, are more efficient at preventing damage to your roof or the foundation.

Lowe’s has K-style aluminum gutters, a K-style vinyl gutter, K-style inside gutter corners, K-style outside gutter corners, and gutter ends with an outlet.

The prices of these gutter items are as follows:

K-Style Gutter Cost per Gutter
K-Style Gutters $7.30-$23.50
K-Style Inside Gutter Corners $7.90-$12.30
K-Style Outside Gutter Corners $7.90-$12.30
K-Style Gutter with Outlet $9.40-$13.70

Pro Tip: K-Style gutters are much less expensive to install than half-round gutters. This is because half-round gutters have multiple parts that require specialized skills and experience to install. Since you might need professional contractors, expect to spend a bit more on half-round gutters if you opt for this gutter style.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters have a tube-like appearance and work well with modern homes that don’t have standard angular roofs. They might have less depth than K-style gutters, but their water flow is much smoother. Additionally, with half-round gutters, you won’t struggle as much with regular maintenance and cleaning as with K-style gutters.

There are considerably fewer half-round gutter options at Lowe’s. There’s only one vinyl option for gutters, gutter ends with a drop, inside gutter corner, and gutter with an outlet.

Here are their prices:

Half-Round Gutter Cost per Gutter
Half-Round Gutters $10.70
Half-Round Gutter Corner $9.40
Half-Round Gutter End with Outlet $11.50
Half-Round Gutter with Outlet $9.40

Shopping For Lowes Gutter Systems Online

Lowe’s makes gutter system shopping easier by combining the gutters and accessories together as you shop.

At the end of each product on their website, you’ll see which items are frequently bought together.

They carry the same dimensions as the product you’re viewing, so you won’t have to scour Lowe’s catalog in search of the correct part for your new gutter.

In addition, if you buy Lowe’s products this way, you might get a small discount.

Lowes Gutter Parts

Apart from the mentioned gutters and gutter accessories, Lowe’s also offers some other parts to improve your gutters’ performance.

There are downspouts and multiple downspout elements like elbows, extensions, bands, guards, diverters, and splash blocks.

For vinyl gutters, there are end caps, slip joints, and hidden hangers.

For aluminum gutters, you can find K-style seamers, brackets, spikes and ferrules, and appropriate screws.

To protect your gutters and underground drains from debris buildup, Lowe’s offers protection like leaf strainers, gutter scoops, gutter covers, and downspout guards, but more about that later.

Lowes Gutter Installation Cost

Like many home improvement stores, Lowe’s offers installation of their products, including gutters.

Lowe’s promises professional, licensed, insured, and audited contractors, vetted by Lowe’s. 

All you need to do is schedule a free consultation and wait for a project specialist to inspect your home and discuss important details with you.

Next, get a quote with the specifics that fit your vision and budget.

Then, just wait for the installation day and let the Lowe’s team do the job.

Although your gutter installation will depend on many factors, the average price for installing Lowe’s gutters is around $1,200 to $6,500 for an average house with 200 linear feet of gutter.

Of course, steel gutters will be more expensive than vinyl, and additional elements and accessories increase the final cost.

Lowes Gutter Installation Reviews

The reviews about gutter installation through Lowe’s are mainly positive.

Of course, this depends on the contractor, the season, and other factors that might push your installation date back or cause contractors to do a sloppy job.

One customer praised Lowe’s contractors for not being pushy and trying to get them to purchase Lowe’s deals just for being quick and doing a good job with their gutters.

Other customers have not had as much luck, and some of them were left with unfinished jobs or damaged goods.

However, customers who have installed Lowe’s products on their own are more than satisfied.

Lowes Gutter Financing Options

To make your investment less ominous, Lowe’s offers several payment options.

If you frequently shop at Lowe’s, you might want to opt for their special financing. 

With Lowe’s Advantage Card for homeowners, you can get 5% off your purchase.

You may also have the option to pay for your purchase over the span of six months with no interest if it’s over $299.

The standard APR for new accounts is 26.99%, and the minimum interest charge if you don’t fully pay your purchase in six months is $2.

If you make a purchase over $2,000, you’re eligible for Lowe’s 84-fixed-monthly payments at 7.99% APR.

For this option, there are fixed monthly payments of 1.3210% of the promo purchase amount.

You can also opt for a personal or home equity loan or a credit card with a low introductory APR.

Lowes Gutters Cleaner

Gutter cleaners are of paramount importance in the prevention of gutter clogging.

There are various gutter cleaning tools like vacuums and pressure washers, but at Lowe’s, you can find the Amerimax plastic gutter scoop that allows you scoop out debris from your gutters quickly and easily. 

If you need something to keep your gutter guards in top condition, Lowe’s also offers an Atlas gutter guard brush with bristles on all sides.

Does Lowes Sell Leaf Guard Gutters

At Lowe’s, you can find several types of foam gutter guards that fit different gutter dimensions, a multitude of stainless steel and aluminum gutter guard screens, and plastic gutter guards for half-round gutters.

Does Lowes Have Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are made as one continuous piece, usually of either aluminum or copper.

They provide extra protection to your roof as there are no overlapping of parts that could shift and develop breaks in your gutter system over time.

With seamless gutters you’ll also avoid the issue of debris getting stuck in the seams and causing buildup.

On the other hand, sectional gutters are made of multiple pieces, joined together by welding in the case of steel or aluminum gutters, or snapped together in the case of vinyl ones.

Sectional gutters are more likely to leak and break, making them a less favorable option for homeowners living in areas with harsher weather conditions.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s only sells sectional gutters, with each gutter piece around 120 inches long.

Are Lowes Gutters Worth It?

Whether Lowe’s gutters are worth it for you will depend on your preferences, needs, and your local building code requirements.

There are plenty of gutters and gutter accessories at Lowe’s to address the rainwater accumulation in your area.

To prevent making any investment that you might regret later, we suggest taking a look at their website and the options at other home improvement stores before settling on your purchase.

No More Rainfall Damaging Your Home

Lowe’s might not have the widest selection of gutters out there, but they certainly make sure that you have everything your home needs.

Their ready-made gutter system offers to ease the process of assembling the parts on your own.

You can even request the services of one of their contractors and completely sit out the installation process.

Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,650 - $9,500
Low End
High End

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