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Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
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Since its introduction in 1978, Duro-Last roofing has maintained a reputation as one of the United States’ leading PVC membrane roofing solutions.

Installers have fitted billions of square feet of this roofing membrane, which is fabricated in a controlled factory environment to ensure a long-lasting and reliable result.

How Much Does a Duro-Last Roof Cost?

Duro-Last’s costs vary depending on several factors, including the product you choose and the type of roof you have.

The following costs assume that you purchase the company’s standard single-ply roofing solution. Note that these costs also include installation, as you cannot fit Duro-Last without the help of a professional.

For a simple flat roof, expect to pay between $2.30 and $3.50 per square foot. This price assumes the roof offers easy access and has few penetrations.

As such, this is the price you may expect to pay for a typical residential flat roof. If your roof has a concrete deck, you may pay an extra $0.80 to $2.80 per square foot, depending on the installer.

If you want to install Duro-Last over an existing metal roof, you’ll pay between $2.50 and $4.80 per square foot. This extra money covers the cost of a layer of insulation, which installers use to flatten out the roof and create a surface to install the solution.

Did you know? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that you can save up to 15% on your cooling and heating costs if you install insulation in key parts of your property.

The EPA mentions attics and crawl spaces as ideal places to install insulation. However, the insulation used by Duro-Last when working on metal roofs is just as effective.

Is Durolast Good For Commercial Flat Roofing?

Moving on from these residential applications, Duro-Last also stands out as a commercial roofing system installer. The company supplies its solution to several major restaurant chains, including McDonald’s Burger King, and Olive Garden.

Duro-Last can handle the animal fats and other chemicals that find their way onto restaurant roofs. Installers can also handle the customized aspects of these commercial roofs, though installation comes at a higher cost of $3.50 to $5.80 per square foot.

Duro-Last also supplies its product to many schools, military bases, and similar government buildings.

Typically, these installations combine the Duro-Last membrane with insulation and vapor barriers, creating a more costly installation of between $5.50 and $11.50 per square foot.

Finally, the company’s commercial services also cover the industrial roofs found on most factories and warehouses.

The need to handle extreme temperatures, coupled with a higher concentration of curb flashing, results in these installations costing between $3.25 and $6.70 per square foot.

Durolast Roof Key Features

Duro-Last has several key features that may make an a more attractive option than other roofing systems.

First, Duro-Last handles the vast majority of its production in its own factories.

This allows the company to maintain consistently high standards without having to worry about issues caused by other manufacturers.

The extremely durable design means that Duro-Last can withstand hot summer weather and intense winter freezes. Most do not have to conduct any maintenance work on their Duro-Last roofs for several years after installation.

Duro-Last manufactures a single-ply PVC membrane, which is customized to fit the specific needs of your building.

The system is ideal for both flat and low-sloped roofs.

Duro-Last is installed by professional contractors who go through a certification program to achieve authorization.

Roof membranes are available in 40, 50, and 60mm thicknesses, allowing for further customization based on your requirements.

The company offers a 15-year warranty that also covered consequential roof damages. It also offers a comparable 15-year warranty specifically for areas that experience high winds and hail.

The Pros of Duro-Last

There are many reasons to consider Duro-Last as your roofing system, especially if you have a flat roof or commercial property.

Pro No. 1 – Insulation Availability

The customizable nature of Duro-Last means that you can install roof insulation, which is secured in place using the Duro-Last membrane.

As mentioned, insulation creates several cost savings for residential and commercial property owners. It also helps you to keep your property warmer during the winter while allowing it to stay cool in warmer months.

Did you know? Insulation works by reducing the exchange of heat between a surface, such as a roof or a wall, and the outside world.

During the winter, this means that heat has a harder time finding its way out of your house. In summer, insulation works to prevent excess heat from transferring into your home.

Pro No. 2 – A Fast and Professional Installation

As Duro-Last membrane is typically installed over an existing roof, you don’t have to worry about all of the mess and debris that can result from a full roof replacement.

Instead, the membrane gets fitted over the top of the existing roof, allowing it to offer protection against wind, rain, and other environmental hazards.

Duro-Last installers go through a certification process before they can fit the membrane. This means they’re trained to offer a fast installation with minimal fuss.

Pro No. 3 – The 15-Year Warranty

Many roofing membrane providers either don’t offer warranties or place extensive limitations on the warranties they provide. Duro-Last is fairly unique in the roofing industry because it provides a 15-year warranty on all of its commercial installations.

This warranty covers any issues you have with the manufacturing quality of the Duro-Last membrane. It also protects you against any consequential damages that occur to your roof as a result of installing the product.

Unfortunately, this warranty is not available to residential property owners, which may make you wary of using Duro-Last on your home.

Pro No. 4 – Thick Membrane

Duro-Last offers membranes ranging from 40mm to 60mm in thickness. These membranes are strengthened further with the use of a top performance layer.

At 28mm thick, this additional layer allows Duro-Last to exceed the performance of many industry competitors, even those that offer thicker standard membranes.

The company also uses an anti-wicking scrim in its membranes, which has a density of 18 x 14 threads per square inch. While this is not the industry-leading density, it’s enough to place Duro-Last among the leaders.

Pro No. 5 – Pre-Fabricated Roofs

Duro-Last is the only company in the roofing systems industry that offers completely pre-fabricated roofs that utilize its powerful membrane.

As such, those seeking a complete roof installation can rely on the company to handle the work for them. Of course, it also offers its membrane separately for those who want an installation onto an existing roof.

Further confidence comes from the fact that Duro-Last handles the majority of its manufacturing in-house. The company prides itself on completing up to 85% of the seams for any roofing system before it reaches the job site.

Pro No. 6 – Watertight and Weather-Resistant

The use of thermoplastic for the Duro-Last membrane creates a water-tight solution that reduces the risk of leaks in your property. This results in less money spent on repairs to both the roof and the property’s walls.

Did you know? Roof repairs can cost anywhere between $200 and $6,500, depending on the nature of the repairs. With a water-tight roofing system, you reduce the need for these repairs because your roof is not as exposed to the elements as a typical roof.

The membrane is also thoroughly tested for heat and wind resistance. Using the 50mm membrane as an example, Duro-Last passes the ASTM D3045 standard, which requires the material to be placed in an oven at 176 degrees Fahrenheit for 56 days.

The Cons of Durolast

Though Duro-Last has a lot going for it, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind.

Con No. 1 – The Warranty Conditions

Duro-Last may be an industry leader when it comes to the length and coverage of its 15-year warranty. However, the fact that the warranty is only available to commercial consumers means that residential property owners get left out.

It may be possible to purchase a warranty from your installer that covers your system. Still, it’s not encouraging to discover that the free warranty is only valid for certain types of installations.

Con No. 2 – No DIY Installation

The prefabricated nature of Duro-Last combines with the fact that the solution can only be installed by certified professionals to make DIY installation impossible.

Unfortunately, this means you must factor the cost of labor into any Duro-Last job. Though this is fairly standard for the industry, it increases the solution’s cost whether you’re capable of handling the work yourself or not.

Con No. 3 – Potential Longevity Issues

PVC is one of the most modern roofing materials available. While this means it benefits from advances in roofing technology, some believe that this could point to a lack of longevity.

Duro-Last’s 15-year warranty goes some way to reliving those concerns. Still, there’s a possibility that the roof membrane may not last as long as some other types of roofs.

Still PVC roofing is a lot longer lasting and durable that its two competitors, TPO roofs and EPDM membranes.

You can read our extensive comparative guide on the differences between TPO vs PVC roofing.

What Are Customers Saying About Durolast Roofing – The Good

  • Good for commercial applications because it resists grease and animal fat
  • Fast installation
  • Generally terrific support from the manufacturer
  • One of the best single-play roofing systems available
  • Installers generally prefer Duro-Last to other single-play solutions
  • What Are Customers Saying – The Bad

  • Some customers experience issues when trying to use their warranties
  • Installation quality and customer service vary depending on the installer
  • Not suitable for sloped roofs
  • The need for repairs seems commonplace
  • No residential warranty
  • Leaking seems to be a common occurrence
  • Is Duro-Last Worth It for Residential Properties?

    The product can do a good job on residential properties as long as you have a flat roof or a roof with a very slight slope. It’s also ideal if you have a modular home, as Duro-Last reduces the need to recoat the roof every couple of years.

    However, the lack of a residential warranty is a major mark against the product for general homeowners. Furthermore, the product is not suitable for slanted roofs.

    Did you know? The majority of North American homes have slanted roofs. If you’re unsure about your roof’s slant, note that your roof must have a pitch of 2/12 or lower for it to be a flat roof.

    American residential properties typically have roofs with a pitch between 4/12 and 9/12. Pitches between 2/12 and 4/12 are considered low-slope roofs that may be compatible with Duro-Last.

    Can You Install Duro-Last Over Another Roof Membrane?

    You can install Duro-Last over other roof membranes as long as the membrane is not saturated with water. If it is, the original membrane needs to be removed before installing Duro-Last.

    Otherwise, the product installs fairly easily over metal roofs, EPDM roofs, and other types of single-ply roofing systems.

    What Durolast Colors Are Available?

    Duro-Last is available in standard white, gray, and tan coloring. You can choose either of these three without any extra costs. However, many commercial clients want customized colors, which are available at a higher price.

    Note that more advanced Duro-Last products, such as Duro Fleece, offer a wider range of color options.

    How Long Does Durolast Membrane Installation Take?

    The length of your installation depends on the size of your roof. However, for a flat roof measuring approximately 13,000 square feet, the installation takes between two and five days.

    Again, specific times vary depending on factors including the roof’s size, the removal of existing roofing solutions, and the installer you choose.

    How Is Duro-Last Installed?

    The majority of your roofing systems seams are completed before the product leaves the factory. However, those that aren’t are mechanically fastened using a hot welding system. The number of welds required can also have an impact on your installation time.

    Is Duro-Last Right For You?

    With its focus on commercial clients over residential customers, Duro-Last may not be the right choice for somebody who needs a roofing system for a family home.

    The lack of any standard warranty and the fact that you can’t install the product yourself may lead to you looking at other options.

    For commercial building owners, Duro-Last’s warranty, in-house manufacturing, and extensive customizability make it an attractive prospect. Its versatility also means it’s usable on a variety of commercial roofs.

    Still, Duro-Last roofing is not for you if you have a slanted roof. There also appear to be ongoing concerns with installers, leaking, and follow-through on warranties that have put a lot of customers off the product.

    If you can overlook these issues, and have a trustworthy installer, Duro-Last should provide a long-lasting and weather-resistant roofing system.

    Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
    Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,650 - $9,500
    Low End
    High End

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