2023 Carlisle TPO Roofing Costs, Installation, Reviews

Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,650 - $9,500
Low End
High End

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Carlisle Syntec is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art TPO roofing systems. Carlisle offers the best long-lasting, watertight TPO products that effortlessly seam and weld together.

If you’re considering TPO roofing for your home or business, Carlisle TPO is a solid choice, that will protect your roof for years to come.

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How Much Does Carlisle TPO Roofing Cost?

A standard residential TPO roof costs approximately between $7.50 and $14.50 per square foot. Therefore, to install a regular-sized 1,200 square foot new flat roof using Carlisle TPO membrane will cost $9,000 to $17,400.

Your total roof installation cost will depend on other project variables, such as the contractor and where your property is located.

This cost is based on a low-slope roof via a single-story or two-story house. This estimate also includes the cost of supplies and materials, removal, and clearance of up to one layer of existing material like EPDM rubber.

It is also necessary to factor in is authorization, installation, and a 5-year workmanship warranty.

You can use our TPO Roofing Price Calculator to estimate the cost of installing a TPO membrane on your roof.

What Is Sure-Weld TPO Roofing?

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld reinforced roofing system is a heat-weldable, first-rate, single-ply TPO sheet. They are specifically intended for new or replacement roofing applications.

It uses cutting-edge polymerization technology to merge the elasticity of EP (ethylene-propylene) rubber with the heat welding attribute of polypropylene.

Every Sure-Weld TPO membrane contains OctaGuard XT™, an advanced, industry-leading art weathering package. This technology allows Sure-Weld to endure extreme weather testing intended to mimic exposure to harsh climates.

Physical features of the Sure-Weld TPO roofing membrane are enriched by a sturdy polyester material that is enclosed between the TPO-created top and bottom piles.

The material and TPO piles combination offers extreme fracturing and ripping resilience, in addition to exceptional perforation resistance. The membrane’s relatively level surface creates an entire blend weld that develops a watertight, consistent, monumental roof construction.

Did You Know? TPO is considered a type of green roofing. It’s made from chlorine-free polymer and is completely recyclable.

Carlisle TPO Details

An exceptionally fire-resistant roofing system
Excellent puncture resistance
It has a stable formulation and is eco-friendly
UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact test rating
Created using a hot-melt extrusion method for comprehensive scrim encapsulation
Outstanding heat, solar UV, oxidation, and ozone-resistance
Exceptional resistance to impact and low temperatures
First-rate chemical resistance to bases, acids, and restaurant exhaust emissions
Available in 4-, and 6-foot perimeter sheets and 8-, 10-, and 12-foot Sure-Weld field sheets
Standard colors are white, gray, and tan
Unique colors are slate gray, medium bronze, terra cotta, patina green, and rock brown

Did You Know? Metal roofing is no more prone to lightning strikes than other roof materials. In fact, since metal is non-combustible, it can protect your home from lightning.

TPO Membrane Sustainability

Carlisle TPO roofing is a sustainable flat roofing membrane.

The membrane is made of up to 10% of pre-consumer recycled content.
It is California Title 24 compliant.
Carlisle TPO roofs are third-party verified, and the Environmental Product Declaration is available.
NSF P151 for rainwater catchment certified.
A Carlisle TPO roofing system is fully recyclable when used in mechanically attached systems.
Carlisle avoids Living Building Challenge red list chemicals

How Durable Is Carlisle Sure-Weld TPO?

Lets take a close look at the durability of the TPO roof made by Carlisle.

Extreme Testing

To be assured that the Sure-Weld TPO reinforced membrane product can handle anything thrown at it and is fit for purpose, here are some details of Carlisle’s intense testing process.

ASTM Standard D6878

ASTM Standard D6878 is the material specification for Thermoplastic Polyolefin-Based Sheet Roofing. It covers the material property obligations for TPO roof sheeting, the early and aged properties, and the post-heat and xenon-arc exposure.

Xenon-arc exposure fuses condensing humidity, UV light, and heat to produce an environment that mimics the lasting effect of outside exposure on tested components.

Carlisle aims to deliver TPO that produces the highest performance of roofing membranes. Their membrane has been tested to exceed the ASTM D6878 requirements for maximum performance.

Heat Aging

Oxidation (an oxygen reaction) is an example of the main chemical dangers to roofing materials. Carlisle’s heat aging process fast-tracks the oxidation rate to approximately double for every 18 degrees Fahrenheit increase in the membrane’s temperature. The test conditions were as follows:

ASTM Test: 240 degrees Fahrenheit
ASTM Requirement: 32 weeks
Sure-Weld Condition: >128 weeks

The exposure to heat was equivalent to 3,120 weeks (60 years) at 185 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours per day.

Test Specimen

The test sample is a 2-inch by 6-inch section of 45-mil unbacked membrane, placed in a hot-air oven.


The aged sample was “Mandrel” bent approximately 3 inches, and no noticeable cracks were found

Did You Know? Roof rainwater is likely to travel before it visibly drips down. Surprisingly, a leak can appear 20 feet away from the problem area causing the leak.

Sure-Weld TPO Roofing Installation Types

The Sure-Weld roofing system is quick to install, requiring minimal labor and fewer components. For quick-and-easy sheet welding that’s consistent, clean, and reduces labor intensity, TPO systems are installed with an “Automatic Heat Welder.

Completely Adhered

The membrane is attached to a suitable underlying layer using a suitable bonding adhesive.

Mechanically Fastened

The membrane is affixed to the roof deck over an appropriate substrate using plates and fasteners overlapped with membrane.

Induction Welded

The membrane is attached over a suitable substrate using an initiation welding tool. The tool is placed over the membrane where a TPO induction welding plate holds the components together.

TPO Roofing Installation Considerations

Carlisle recommends the following precautions for installing the Sure-Weld system:

Use sunglasses to filter out the ultraviolet light, as the white and tan surfaces are incredibly reflective.

Apply caution during the winter to prevent falls, as frost and ice buildup may cause surfaces to become slippery.

Exercise caution whenever working close to the roof edge, especially if the surrounding area is covered in snow, as the roof edge may not be visible.

Use appropriate stacking procedures to safeguard adequate firmness of the rolls.

Membranes may be slippery when wet. Therefore, be careful when walking on a wet membrane.

Keep the membrane in the original unopened plastic packaging in a cool, shaded area. Cover it with breathable, light-colored water tarpaulin. Membranes exposed to weather must be primed with Weathered Membrane Cleaner before hot-air welding.

To prevent a stiff crease in the membrane, be careful not to place or stand heavy objects on the edge of the folded-over membrane.

Pull away the “APEEL Protective Film” from the membrane before cutting. Do not use sharp tools – e.g., razor blades – to cut it whilst it’s attached to the TPO membrane as the underlying membrane could be damaged.

To remove the protective film, pull it towards the center of the roof and not towards the roof’s edge.
A static electric charge may develop when removing the APEEL Protective Film from the membrane sheet. To avoid possible ignition, ensure all covers on flammable products are closed and a fire extinguisher is at hand.

Did You Know? Technically flat roofs are not 100% flat. A well-constructed flat roof is somewhat sloped to allow the rainwater to drain. This slope is usually 025 inches, rising for every 12 inches of distance. This is known as a 1/4:12 pitch.

Did You Know? Flat roofing offers energy bill savings. The flat roof is one of the most energy-efficient roofing options. The material construction can resourcefully reflect light to help keep the building comfortable during the summer months. With correct insulation, you can expect to be comfortable all year round

Carlisle TPO Roof Warranty

Carlisle offers one of the best roofing warranties for a single ply flat roof membrane.

The warranty covers repair of leaks from a variety of causes, accidental membrane punctures, hail up to three inches in diameter, and winds of up to 120 mph. Warranties are up to 30 years.

To be eligible for the warranty, your Carlisle TPO roof must be installed by a qualified Carlisle installer, with a strict adherence to all the installation standards as specified in the Carlisle manual.

Is Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO Roofing System Worth It?

Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO reinforced membrane has been engineered as a state-of-the-art flat roofing system.

It’s considered the best for new and replacement flat roofing for residential and commercial properties.

This TPO membrane uses heat to effortlessly weld the membrane together for a straightforward installation.

Carlisle Sure Weld TPO has gone through extreme testing that exceeds ASTM Standard D6878 to prove its ability to withstand most extreme weather conditions.

When installed in adherence to Carlisle standards, this TPO roofing membrane lasts decades maintenance-free.

Average Roof Costs (1600 sq. ft.)
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,650 - $9,500
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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