3 Best TPO Roofing Products For Your Home or Business

TPO Roof on a Modern Raised Ranch House Are you interested in installing a TPO roof, but are not sure which product to choose?

Because of TPO’s quickly growing popularity, in recent years many flat roof manufacturers have started their own lines of TPO to get a piece of the growing market share.

With so many offerings, and marketing hype it may be hard to discern which product offers the best features.

To help you, we have selected 3 of the BEST products from top manufacturers, who have a solid reputation for producing quality TPO roofs for many years.

Each offers unique features and benefits that may be suitable for your home or business.

Before making your final decision, we strongly recommend discussing your options with a professional roofing contractor, who has experience with TPO.

1. Sure-Weld TPO from Carlisle

Did you know that a single ply membrane can replicate the look of metal? At Carlisle, they have done precisely that; developed a high quality TPO roof that has the profile of standing seam metal panels! Sure-Weld TPO is available in a Contour Rib Profile, which is secured to the membrane to mimic the look of real metal. Color options include white, gray and tan.

The profile offers the same weatherability as the membrane itself, and has fiberglass reinforcement for increased dimensional stability. Designed with a none-penetrating application to ensure that the system remains watertight (the profile is heat welded to the membrane).

Sure-Weld TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certified. This line is also available in extra thickness of 135 and 155 mil. (Note, a thicker membrane offers improved durability and protection, especially in harsh weather conditions).

2. EverGuard Extreme TPO from GAF

If you are looking for extra protection from the elements and increased longevity, EverGuard Extreme TPO roofs meet the mark. These membranes have been designed to offer industry’s best performance for up to 35 years! GAF’s TPO roof system exceeds all key ASTM standards, but more importantly it offer superior resistance to heat aging and UV degradation. These are the two main factors that contribute to the TPO’s membrane’s aging and reduce the length of its service life. (Note, these membranes have been developed using advanced next generation technology, which is still pending patent).

Everguard Extreme TPO membranes are available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 mil thicknesses. Moreover, GAF offers the largest color selection in the industry, with specially formulated pigments to minimize fading. You have a virtually a limitless variety to choose from, between standard, pre-formulated and custom colors. Most options are made with a “Cool Color” technology, which improves the membrane’s solar reflective property, helping reduce your cooling costs.

3. GenFlex EZ TPO from GenFlex

For many years, GenFlex has been one of the industry’s leaders in developing top of the line TPO products that can stand up to the harshest weather conditions. One of the unique features of the EZ TPO roof is that it is a 12-foot wide instead of a standard 10-foot wide system. In fact, GenFlex was the first to develop this innovation in membrane size, which offers some major benefits:

-Significant installation and materials cost savings, because you will need fewer seams to weld the sheet and fewer panels to install.

-Compared to a 10 ft sheet, the 12 foot system requires 16% fewer seams. This greatly increases the membrane’s resistance to leaks, as there are fewer points for water infiltration.

Additionally EZ TPO line is available in the greatest variety of both product and system types, as compared to all other TPO roof manufacturers. Among the choices, is the revolutionary Peel and Stick TPO, which was developed in 2003. This system comes with a pre-applied adhesive and tape for easier and faster installation.

Tips on Choosing the Right TPO Membrane for Your Needs

TPO roofing system on a modern ranch home

Here is what you can do to select a high quality TPO roofing system:

– Contact each manufacturer whose product you like and ask what the warranty is. If a rep tells you the products comes with a 20 year warranty, inquire exactly what it covers and what is excluded. Some warranties are marketing gimmicks meant to lure you in to buying the product.

– Request from the manufacturer any studies or field tests that have been conducted on the TPO system. Review them to see how the membrane performed.

– As a rule of thumb, invest into the thickest membrane you can afford, regardless of the manufacturer.

– Make sure that the roofing contractor you are working with has experience installing TPO using the method and standards outlined by the manufacturer. Different TPO roofs have their own installation specs that need to be strictly followed to ensure the membranes integrity. Improper installation will not only put your roof at risk for leaks and other serious damage, but will also render your warranty null and void.

Bottom line: choose your installer very carefully!

Published date: April 26, 2016

2 thoughts on “3 Best TPO Roofing Products For Your Home or Business

  1. Anne Schumann

    My son is attempting to correct a roofing error a roofing company made. He needs to place TPO tape to the edge of the screened porch roof. I am searching for this tape but it is very expensive and we only require 30 feet. I wonder if it is just better to let a roofing company repair the work or do the work ourselves if we can find the TPO tape.

    Thank you,

    Anne Schumann

    1. TPO Roofer

      Hi Anne,

      So I assume tape in question is “Peel & Stick” that needs primer. TPO systems do not offer TPO-coated edge metal, so no welding roof membrane directly to the drip edge.

      If so, you can try local roofing supplier – see if they sell you a 50 or 100 ft roll of “White TPO peel & stick” tape and a can of TPO Primer (although I believe that EPDM primer is usually interchangeable with TPO).

      You may also need a cleaner, but really, washing the edge with warm water and letting it dry is sufficient, and no need for chemical cleaner.

      Your cost (as described here) should be $257.75 for peel & stick cover tape (100 ft.), about $35-40 for a quart of Primer (you don’t need 1 gallon).

      You will also need a silicone roller (about $20) to install the tape.

      So total materials about $320.

      Now the question: Will your roofer do the repair for free? I mean if they did not install the roof correctly, they should. Otherwise, their cost is the same (although they should probably have a cover tape laying around somewhere). But roofer will also charge for labor, about $200-300.

      So you decide what needs to be done.

      Good luck.


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